Krishna tied to a grindstone

A pillar carving at Cheluvanaryana temple, Melukote, Karnataka

Yashoda loses her motherly patience after a very naughty prank by Krishna. She ties him up in a heavy grindstone in the courtyard. Krishna appeals for mercy with fear and tears in his eyes. Unable to bear the sight, Yashoda goes inside to attend to her domestic chores. Left alone, Krishna happily and effortlessly drags the grindstone and passes through the gap between two large trees. The grindstone gets stuck in between. With one yank, Krishna brings down the trees. The trees transform into two Gandharvas, the sons of Kubera, who were cursed by Narada. The gandharvas, having been released from the curse thank Krishna (seen above ). Yashoda, not aware of the full story, was shocked at seeing the fallen trees but was relieved that her son was not hurt.

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