Vastraaharan: Krishna and Gopis

This image is from Kheta Pai Narayana Temple, Bhatkal,Karnataka 
circa 1550 CE (click image for larger view)

This image of Krishna and Gopis (Vastraapaharan) is from a pillar in Chenna Kesava swami temple, Devaraja Mudali Street, George Town,Chennai. 

The temple was originally on the site where the High Court now stands.The temple was destroyed during the construction of the Highcourt. Sensing the mood of the people the British authorities agreed to fund the reconstruction of the temple elsewhere. The current temple  on Devaraja Mudali street along with its twin Chenna Malleeswara temple were built by the then Dubash, Muthukrishna Mudaliar in 1762, with assistance from the British.

The above image represents the episode of Vastra apaharan. While the gopis were bathing in the river, Krishna steals their garment left on the shore.He climbs on a tree and refuses to return them despite the fervent appeal by the gopis. Many interpretations are given for this act.
1. It was just a boyish prank.
2. The gopis used to pray to have Krishna as their husband. Krishna knew this and this was a symbolic way of fulfilling their desire.
3. The garments represent ego and attachment. To attain the Lord one should forsake ego and attachment.

You may choose any of the above interpretations or have your own version depending on your religious / spiritual perspective.
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