Lepakshi Nandi

Lepakshi  Nandi

The nandi is situated about 200 meters from the main temple. The sixth praakaram originally  extended upto the nandi. Now streets and town houses (and an APTDC guest house) intervene. 

The Granite nandi  measuring 8 M length and 6 M high is considered to be the largest Nandi in the world. The one in Thanjavur is second.  Even among monoliths, it stands on top, second only to Gomateswara. I did a rough calculation of the mass of the bull. At 8x5x 2.5 (aprox) it should weigh at least 250 tonnes considering density of granite to be 2.5 T/ Cu.M

The crouching bull is facing the Naga linga at the temple and strikes a very natural and elegant pose. The garlands, kaasu malai and mani malai are remarkable for their exquisite finish. 

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