Naga Lingam at Lepakshi

Naga Lingam at Lepakshi

The naga lingam is another imposing sculpture iIn the Lepakshi temple. A  7 hooded naga rises  over the lingam behind the sanctum sanctorum. . The guide narrated an interesting story about the naga lingam. A young sculptor was hungry and asked his mother who was working in the kitchen just opposite the present lingam, when meals would be ready. She replied that it would take at least another hour. To pass time, the sculptor built this naga lingam in just one hour. The mother, coming out of the kitchen was astonished . Because of her ‘drishti’ the sculpture developed three cracks. Therefore, no formal puja is performed for this lingam.

The lingam is flanked by a panel of Saptha maathas.
Women offering puja to the Saptha mathas – Indrani, Kaumari, Vaishnavi,Maheswari, Brahmi  Varahi, & Chamundi 

The tip of the naga hood is visible from the nandi several metres away., in the outskirts of the town.

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