Virupanna’s bleeding eyes

The Lepakshi temple was built by the brothers Virupanna and Veeranna who were officers in the court of Achyutaraya. After the death of Achyutaraya, his son-in-law assumed the throne  as the former had no sons. Some courtiers spread a rumour that Virupanna embezzled the court funds to build the temple. The king ordered Viurupanna to be blinded. Virupanna stung by the accusation and sentence prempted and gouged out his eyes and flung them on the wall of the temple. Even today one can see two spots with a blood like stain on the walls withstanding centuries of wind and rain. According to our guide, the British government in the last century did a chemical analysis and confirmed that the stains were indeed from human blood! The Kalyana mandap which was under construction at that stage remained unfinished after this incident. 

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