Rama’s archery

Ellore - Ramayana Panel - Rama pierces 7 trees

Ellora – Ramayana Panel – Rama pierces 7 trees

In Kishkintha Kaandam, Sugreeva approaches Rama to help him overcome his brother Vaali, who has usurped his kingdom (and wife). Rama consents as he ┬áneeds the vaanaras’ help in locating Sita.

Sugreeva needs some reassurance of Rama’s ability. To prove, Ram takes an arrow from his quiver and shoots into a sal tree. The arrow penetrates seven trees as well as some subterranean layers of the earth and returns to his quiver. Sugriva is very pleased and prepares to call Vaali for a duel. The above scene is depicted in miniature in Cave 16 of Ellora (Kailash cave) in the Ramayana Panel. 8th Century CE

What follows Vaali vadham – a highly debated episode in the Ramayana. That is for another post.