Dancing Ganesha

Nartana Ganapathy

Dancing Ganesha. ca 12th Century CE. Basalt. North Bengal.

On this day of Ganesh Chaturthi I was happy to locate this picture of Dancing Ganesha from my collection taken in the Indian Museum, Kolkata.

I was trying to search the web of the legend of the Dancing Ganesha. On first glance, all I got was details of an Indian restaurant by that name in the  US of A and an Android App. I tried Nartana Ganapathy and I got Amazon pages on a doll (Chinese?). May be I should look more carefully later.

Ganapathy Bappa Morya..




Kartikeya - Indian Museum, Kolkata

Kartikeya – Indian Museum, Kolkata

At the Indian Museum, Kolkata. ca.12 Century C.E. Chlorite from North Bengal.

The name Karthikeya is derived from the six Kritika maidens who brought him up. Many forms show him with six heads – Shanmukha, but this one does not.


kartikeya dolls

kartikeya dolls

The legend of Kartikeya and Krittika maidens. Dolls at an exhibition. A phone grab.


Eka Paada Murthy

Trimurthis with only one leg

Trimurthis with only one leg

On the Northern Wall of the Sree Thyagarajaswamy temple, Thiruvottiyur.

This is the Ekapada Murthy aspect of the Trimurtis.

There can be many interpretations. The one given by the heritage tour leader, Pradeep Chakravarthy was this:
It was a time when Jainism and Buddhism were kept at bay by Hinduism. However, there was friction between various factions of Hinduism. This depiction of an integrated form of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma was to highlight the fact that all philosophies converge.

This is also sometimes referred to as Tripaada Trimurthy since a leg each of Brahma and Vishnu are also seen.

Another interpretation is that this showcases the supremacy of Shiva as the axis of the world or its cosmic pillar