Muthheeswara Temple

Thirukurippu Thonda Naynar at Muthheswara Temple Kanchipuram

Thirukurippu Thonda Naynar at Muthheswara Temple Kanchipuram

Muthheswara Temple (not to be confused with Muktheswara Temple) is located in the busy Gandhi road of Kanchipuram famous for the Saree shops.

This is the place where Thirukurippu thonda nayanar who is the 19th in the line of 63 naayanars got Mukthi. He was a Vannar (dhobi) by profession and was a staunch devotee of Shiva. He used to wash the clothes of devotees as a service to Shiva. He was also well known for soothsaying based on face reading. Hence he got the title thirukurippu thondar.

To test his devotion and give him an opportunity for early mukthi, Lord Shiva appeared here in the form of an old devotee with dirty clothes. As was his wont, Nayanar offered to wash the clothes for him. The devotee warned him that he would need the clothes by nightfall as it was his only protection for the night. Due to clouds and rains, Nayanar could not deliver the dry clothes on time and was very agitated. To atone this, he tried to bang his head against a stone. Miraculously a hand appeared and supported him. Shiva appeared and blessed him.

This story was narrated to us by the temple priest.

Though the temple is in the middle of the bazaar, it is fairly big but a bit cluttered with structures. Fortunately, it is clean and the temple tank had some water.



5 thoughts on “Muthheeswara Temple

  1. I would love to visit a Saree shops too in India. Will bring me memories of when my grandma wore sarees. Wearing sarees does not exist in my family anymore since we are tropical creole born island women. But my grandma was from India and she was a beautiful and lovely lady, well mannered and I was so glad to have had her as my grandmother. If only I could turn back time. I have tried to find my ancestors in India, but in vain, my grandma had a french surname which was very confusing.

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