Fancy Footwear in stone

Kannappa nayanar

The statue of Kannappa Nayanar in Darasuram, shows a fancy footwear worn by him. Kannappa nayanar was humble and uneducated hunter who became an ardent devotee of Shiva and is anointed as one of the 63 Nayanars (arubathi moovar – saints)

12 th Century C.E. BUilt by Rajaraja Chola II

Darasuram Airavateswara Temple

The Airavateswara temple at Darasuram is one of the three great Chola temples. Built by Raja Raja Chola II in the 12th century, it is a UNESCO Heritage site known for its exquisite bas-relief sculptures. Darasuram is a suburb of Kumbakonam.

Does this chariot wheel remind you of the Sun Temple at Konark? The Sun temple was built almost 100 years after this Chola masterpiece.

Acrobatic Dancing Women

Darasuram sculptures

The Airavateswara temple at Darasuram was built by Rajaraja Chola II in the 12th Century CE. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for the intricate sculptures.

Her we see a panel of dancing ladies. One is shown with multiple limbs indicating either the movement of one performer (something like multiple frames of a movie) or multiple performers behind the main one.