About Stone Stories

The monuments and temples in India abound with exquisite sculptures based on the epics. This is a humble attempt to explain some of them. This is no scholarly work. I have only collected these from several sources- oral, printed and on-line. There can be no authentic version of such stories as there are many variations and interpretations. I have left out the complex explanations and debates to just give an overview of episodes depicted in stone.

All photographs by (C) V.Harihara Subramanian.(Shutterbug Iyer) unless otherwise mentioned.

I am a 73-year old Management Professional. A Chemical Engineering graduate from A.C.College of Technology and one of the early post-graduates from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. After nearly 45 years of practice in Industry, academics and consulting, I intent concentrating on my passions – the 3 C’s (Camera, Computers, and Crosswords) as well as Travel and Heritage.

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7 thoughts on “About Stone Stories

  1. You are doing a fab job of bringing out India’s rich past for all of here. Surely there are many people/bloggers who talk & write about India’s popular temples and monuments but very few pick up these lesser known sites. Great going!

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